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3*3 Rubik’s Cube – Full Course

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Enrolled: 27 students
Duration: 8 classes - 2X a week 45 Mins
Video: Instructor Led 8 classes
Level: Beginner

Age Group: 8+ Years
Batch Size: 4-6 Kids
Duration: 45 Mins

Do you know only 6% of the world population can solve  3*3 Rubik’s cube? Is your child looking forward to solve the Rubik’s cube? Unleash your child’s potential and let them expand their learning capabilities and analytical skills. Solving Rubik’s cube allows your child to breakdown any problem into small parts and then devise a strategy to resolve. This also improves the brain’s agility and develop a clear thought process.

All the sessions would be interactive where the learners get a chance to learn the steps to solve the Rubik’s cube step-wise. The next step would be taught only when the learner is confident to solve the current step independently. The objective of each of the classes would be to learn to solve each step independently.

Session 1 Know your 3X3 Cube
Session 2 Solve the white cross/plus
Session 3 Solve the White Corners with the Bottom layer of each face matching
the center piece as you are holding the cube with logo on the down side
Session 4 Solve the Middle Layer
Session 5 Solve the Yellow Cross/Plus
Session 6 Aligning Yellow Edge Pieces
Session 7 Make All the Corners Yellow/ completing YELLOW face
Session 8 Completing the cube

Engagement &  Interactivity:
Students will engage themselves by practicing the steps to solve the cube and will move further to the next step only when confident.
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